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New e-learning video modules by BaxterLawley now available:

This innovative e-learning resource was developed by BaxterLawley for NDS on the topic of collaborations and strategic restructuring for not-for-profits (click here to go to main resource page).  

The course provides a step-by-step framework for determining whether organisations should be collaborating or undertaking a major restructure, such as a merger with another organisation, and how that might best be undertaken. Presented by Penny Knight, David Gilchrist and Scott Bywaters of Baxter Lawley, the series combines the best of existing knowledge and theory on collaborations and strategic restructuring, presenting the material in a succinct format that is quick and easy to understand.

It also provides a body of resources including a Study Guide (available here), a Collaborations Tool; and Case Studies and Vignettes (available here).