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Knowledge is power

BaxterLawley provides independent, accurate and insightful information so you can make better decisions.

Research – How well do you know your clients, markets and staff?

Quantitative studies (surveys)

We design and undertake high precision quantitative studies (surveys) using leading edge online survey software. We provide you with accurate, objective information on the experiences, attitudes and behaviours of clients, stakeholders, funders and staff.

Data analytics

Your own data on service users, stakeholders, staff and others is a huge and often untapped resource. You and your clients invest significant time and money in data collection, but how well do you really use it?

Good data analytics is more than adding up numbers and presenting infographics. It requires people with the tools and skills to explore and connect trends to create meaningful intelligence. Our researchers and analysts can take your data and turn it into powerful decision support assets.

Qualitative research (interviews and focus groups)

Qualitative research provides deep insights into the thinking, attitudes and cognitive processes that drive behaviour. Our highly experienced researchers undertake executive interviews and focus group discussions with your most valued stakeholders and provide you with an objective and honest appraisal of your organisation, its services and key industry and competitive issues.

Market and sector analysis

Today’s leaders need to have up-to-the-minute knowledge of their markets and how change will affect their organisations. With instant distribution and an escalating volume of information, this is becoming harder every year. Leaders are also required to learn and assimilate entirely new fields of knowledge, in areas such as social media, ICT and outcomes measurement and to be on top of potential ‘game changers’ which are sending traditional organisations to the wall.

Staying well informed consumes a lot of time and resources. Even for those with in-house research capacity, leaders and boards will occasionally need additional, objective information about their external operating environment and competitive position.

Our industry specialists are reviewing markets and sectors constantly, and have the tools and experience to identify the core drivers of change and the trends that will impact your organisation. We can undertake sector and market evaluations as part of your annual or three-year strategy review process, as well as specialist or targeted research to support particular decisions. With this information you have more control over your future, whether you choose to be responsive, ahead of the curve or even a leader of change.

Financial Evaluation – Are you maximising return on your resources?

Measuring and benchmarking your performance

Optimising the use of your resources requires having full control over your financial performance. This means understanding and controlling your balance sheet, revenue sources and cost drivers, and having the right financial information in the hands of the right people when they need it. We can review (or assist your staff to review) your financial performance and financial position, and benchmark these against similar organisations.

We also develop financial information systems – including KPI structures – that allow your staff from the front-line to the board to know what is going on and to be responsible and accountable for performance.

Costing and pricing

To survive in a competitive environment, organisations need to fully understand the costs of their products and services and develop effective pricing approaches. Those that do not run the risk that they will not be sustainable, and many organisations do not have staff with the specialist skills and experience to undertake this important work.

BaxterLawley are specialists in costing and pricing. We analyse your service and cost profile, develop ways of working which find the balance between cost and benefit, and provide tools which allow you to transition into costing and pricing quickly and affordably. We also work with your staff to ensure they receive the development they need. Combined, this work will leave you capable of making well-informed decisions about the financial implications of the products and services you choose to provide. Whether you are already on the path to developing costing and pricing capability, or are yet to commit to a course of action, we can assist you to clarify your objectives and target the practical steps you need to take

Performance Evaluation – Can you be doing better?

Organisation and program assessment

We provide detailed, objective and evidence-based evaluations of organisations or individual programs. With skills across accounting, client engagement, stakeholder research, strategic planning and financial modelling we can provide a comprehensive evaluation of your programs or undertake feasibility studies for new services. We can work independently or integrate your staff into the process so that you get both the outputs and the improvement in your in-house skills.

How much of your budget should you be investing in evaluating how well you are deploying your resources?

Information to challenge thinking and test options

Feasibility studies and options modelling

Developing and implementing new services is a risky business, but not doing so is more risky. Our feasibility studies include detailed analyses of your markets and your costs, including implementation costs, so you can objectively compare options and reduce risk.

Our specialists collectively have the comprehensive set of skills in financial, operational, service delivery, contextual and stakeholder aspects. Bringing together practical skills with a strong understanding of the contextual environment, BaxterLawley is able to deliver an honest, comprehensive and contextually appropriate independent view on the feasibility of projects, programs and other strategic and planning options.


Is your business model still viable? Do your current systems and processes support your functional requirements?

Good leadership requires a proportionate response to change – but under or over responding is common and can be fatal. Our highly experienced, multidisciplinary team can bring together all aspects of research and evaluation to support CEOs and boards to identify new, innovative solutions and re-engineer organisations so they continue to deliver on mission or purpose, whether that is to clients, members, taxpayers or shareholders.