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Old way New Way 400 x 350Implementation – Make it happen

Whether you are seeking to change a whole sector, transform an organisation or implement a new project, our advisors can help you make it happen.

BaxterLawley advisors have extensive experience in senior management and board roles in the public, private and Not-for-profit sectors and are experienced change leaders.

Operational plans – Building the framework to get it done

An operational plan turns strategy into action and without one, you’re lost. It defines the who, what, where, when and how and includes the intermediate targets that enable goals to be built into performance measurement from the board to front line and support staff.

Operational planning is often better approached bottom-up, not just to encourage engagement, but because those on the front line really do know your customers and suppliers better and know what is possible. It also often works best when an independent third party facilitates the plan as they have no conflicts of interest or ‘relationship history’ which can often derail planning processes or result in plans getting shelved.

Our advisors have extensive experience in building and implementing operational plans across many industries and use a disciplined, pragmatic approach to ensure your operational plans provide the control you and your board need.

Performance measurement – Creating accountability, transparency and control

Performance measurement and monitoring

Performance measurement systems, whether they include outcomes, KPIs or measurement and monitoring systems, are not about numbers but about people. Anyone can set a performance target but defining one that is accurate, useful and motivates takes specialist skills.

Performance systems are the structures, procedures and processes of measurement and usually involve cascading levels of detail and control from the board to the front line. The performance measures are the attributes you want measured at each level and can be defined as outcomes or performance indicators. These need to be specific, attributable and balanced to ensure you get the results you want. Finally, your targets are the amount of each attribute you want.

Performance measurement has a deep impact on the culture and behaviours you achieve and in maximising your efficiency and effectiveness. But they can be time consuming to develop and costly to maintain, so it is important that your achieve maximum return from the regime you choose to adopt.

BaxterLawley advisors are highly experienced in building and working with performance measurement at all levels, from whole of government to individual business units of small Not-for-profits.

Performance dashboards

By incorporating our change management, performance measurement, accounting and financial modelling skills, we help organisations develop results dashboards that give CEOs and boards clear insight into the performance of their organisation and provide essential detail to reduce costs, improve performance and forecast the future.

Budgeting and forecasting – Getting resources in the right place at the right time

Your operational plan is brought to life through the allocation of resources, and quantifying that allocation is the purpose of budgets and forecasts. Achieving accuracy in budgeting and forecasting – producing estimates that are capable of informing high quality decision making – can be time consuming and difficult. BaxterLawley have deep experience in this area in which the fundamental requirements are often overlooked or under-resourced.

We develop financial management models, costing and pricing systems and processes so that you how much it is going to cost to achieve your goals.  These same mechanisms provide CEOs and boards with clarity and control.

Change management – Making it happen

Whether you’re interested in a slight modification or a large scale transformation, your success depends on how you lead your people through the change initiative. Good leaders actively manage their organisation’s culture and recognise that major change requires explicit strategies and investment.

The desired rate, depth and impact of attitude and behavioural change should be assessed as part of strategic planning, and the tactics, investments and responsibilities should form a key part of the operational plan.

BaxterLawley advisors have extensive experience in assisting clients in assessing and responding to change through practical planning, solid implementation processes and effective and sensitive communications models – all leading to a well managed and positive change process for the organisation, its staff and other stakeholders.

Governance assessment and improvement – Creating high performance at the top

Good governance is essential, but truly excellent governance is needed to maximise return on assets and to deliver your mission.

Our advisors include some of Australia’s most recognised governance experts and all have directorship and governance experience in their own right. We are highly skilled in board evaluation and development, and have an established library of training materials that can shift your board from mediocre to exceptional. We have worked with the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Governance Institute of Australia and provide clients with practical, effective and efficient governance solutions and support. Our work has also included academic and industry research into governance performance across a range of sectors.

Project management – From individual projects to business transformations

There are many reasons you may need additional project management support.  Your staff may not have the skills or the additional time to take on an project, the project may be short and intense and require support for only a short while, or it may be a pilot project and you (or perhaps your stakeholders) want it led by an independent, objective expert.

Whatever the reason, BaxterLawley advisors are highly experienced project managers and are skilled in leading multidisciplinary, cross-organisational and inter-organisational teams. Our projects are undertaken with a mature understanding of the organisational and sector context and delivered with a cost effective and pragmatic approach. BaxterLawley is able to bring its practical, efficient and credible capacity to support your organisation in critical areas of operations.

Business transformation

Business transformation requires a multi-disciplinary approach and a balance between innovation, central leadership and consultation. The aim of business transformation is to improve stakeholder outcomes and BaxterLawley advisors have been involved in leading business or sector transformations across governments, sectors and within individual organisations. We combine our practical business experience with our knowledge of the policy, economic and social environment to help leaders steward their stakeholders though the rough times and towards a better future. We can assist in assessing and planning for transformation, implementing and monitoring the process, and in assessing and reporting on outcomes achieved.